Gathering 2016 Presentation Learnings From The Trenches By Jeanne Bradford

Agile For Hardware – Learnings From The Trenches

Jeanne Bradford, TCGEN
Best practices in applying Agile methodologies to hardware products are still evolving. But some of the best companies are blazing this trail, and there are great lessons to be learned and shared. This talk will be based in real case studies of how companies are applying Agile to their hardware product development process, specifically, how to translate Agile to work in a hardware, some of the unique challenges and solutions to ensure organizations get the most out of their Agile implementation.

Jeanne Bradford is a Founding Principal of TCGen, a product innovation consulting firm, based in Silicon Valley, California. She is also the co-author of the book, Innovate Products Faster: Graphical Tools for Accelerating Product Development. Prior to consulting, Jeanne led global organizations to deliver compelling products and technologies for some of the industry’s leading companies, including Apple, where she re-architected Apple’s new product development process (ANPP), building the core capability that allowed Apple to quickly deliver innovative new products to market.

One specific area of practice for Jeanne is building Agile capabilities in companies delivering hardware products to market. Through the translation of Agile methodologies and an emphasis on high performance teams, Jeanne has led transformations that have allowed teams to accelerate product delivery and increase customer delight.