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As veterans in the agile world, we observe agile consultants who do not take ownership of the change process that has to bring you success. They are not part of your teams, not part of your project. We defined Kinesthetic Coaching. Coaching as a shoulder-to-shoulder experience for you, for your project leads and for your teams. We work out problems with you in order for everyone to get the most worthwhile experience and to embed the new practices in your people

We have taken the principles and framework of agile and applied them to industry, manufacturing, and physical products. These products are often complex to deliver, with many skills, people and materials involved. We realized that because complex delivery is where the agile principles excel, that we needed to bring them to the manufacturing arena. Not replacing your experience, or your lean and six-sigma achievements, but merging those into our framework to create your unique Industrial Agile Framework™ implementation.

Peter Borsella

Hubert Smits

Peter Borsella, CEOMy favorite aspect of my career is seeing organizations, products, and lives transformed. Opportunities for this transformation abound, all the way from the executive level struggling with understanding true agility, down to the delivery person struggling with the details of a new test procedure, and I love working through it all. Few things beat the satisfaction of being part of a creative problem-solving team, and my agile journey began almost 20 years ago doing just that. When we connected at a conference, Hubert and I had both been independently recognizing a great need for agility in industry. We knew we had to do something! Big Orange Square was born, and soon after came the Industrial Agile Framework™. In addition to being the CEO and an agile advocate since 2003, I’m still a practitioner, staying connected with all the challenges facing modern product delivery. My wife Suzanne and I live in beautiful S. Florida where we love walking on the beach, swimming, snorkeling, and shelling. (I originally went to school for marine biology!) Our two grown boys are developing their own life paths and continue to make us proud. Transformation is part of my private life, too, and I actively serve as a board member of our local church where we place a large focus on serving those in need.
Peter Borsella, CEOI’m a hands-on person, it is how I teach, coach and learn. Books are good, talks are necessary, but doing it is where reality is created. This is what I bring to my work: getting into the problem domain of the client, understanding what the product does, how it works, how it is designed, built, implemented and maintained. Only then advising and collaborating to changing existing practices, embedding client skills and needs into the framework, and always keeping in mind that the product needs to get into the hands of the customer: faster, better, cheaper. Enter Big Orange Square: as the CTO I create the learning environment for our training. I research technology solutions or clients, I design and implement client solutions. And I love getting my hands dirty (or keeping them very clean like in a clean room of a chip manufacturer). I bring about 20 years of agile experience to you, including successes and failures. The hands-on learning continues into my personal life. Dancing Cuban Salsa is a passion, and recent trips to Cuba are a good example of learning from the source. Cooking and hosting for guests is an ideal way to build friendships, I believe that my dance parties have a bit of a name amongst friends. Currently active in the local maker community – producing PPEs and helping others getting their equipment going.

Additional information

Core Competencies

Twice the Product in Half the Time™: We enable government agencies and their contractors to increase the delivery speed of new capabilities through:

  • Providing the Industrial Agile Framework as a structure to deliver physical products, from design through manufacturing.
  • Agile Training and Coaching tailored to actual product delivery challenges.
  • Risk mitigation through early and continuous systems integration of all product components (mechanical, optical, electronic, software etc.).
  • Assessing existing agile practices, such as Scrum or SAFe, and applying corrective action.

Past Performance

Large Government Contractor:

  • Trained and coached software delivery teams (2009 onwards).
  • Trained and coached missile and radar system teams (2018 onwards).
  • Sample feedback: “By far, the best class I’ve taken this year.” – “Very practical application using real world examples. Excellent class!” – “I felt that this course provided a more tactical overview w/ hands-on learning.”

Semiconductor Design & Manufacturing:

  • Coaching of the full leadership team and project teams.
    Reducing project cost/time overruns from 100% to zero in 6 months.

Global Wine Producer:

  • Training and coaching of teams in the production of alcoholic beverages.
  • Reducing time-to-market by 75%.


  • We bring Agile to hardware and systems integration; our competitors only work with software.
  • We bring Agile practices beyond design, our competitors are not working with supply chain, manufacturing and post-sale services.
  • We train hands-on with a full-size car; our competitors only explain concepts.
  • We have a dedicated training facility in Fort Lauderdale, FL. and can also bring our materials on-site.
  • We coach shoulder-to-shoulder and take delivery responsibility. Our competitors only provide advice.
  • Our experience is deep and wide, from the delivery of integrated circuits to mass production of alcoholic beverages.
  • We bring 15+ years of hands-on experience in accelerated product delivery.

Company Data

  • American owned, Colorado based LLC (2017), designated as a small business contractor.
  • DUNS number: 106812872.
  • Cage Code: 8B8R7
  • NAICS Codes: 541613, 541618 , 541420, 541512, 541611, 611430, 541618