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Twice the Product in Half the Time™


A Better Way To Learn Scrum: Doing It

A Better Way To Learn Scrum: Doing It By Christopher Curley, CSM, CSPO “Kinetic” describes something moving. Kinetic is motion. Kinetic energy is the energy of body in motion. It’s the

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The Industrial Agile Framework™

With the subtitle of the article (Twice the Product in Half the Time) as a generic goal for industry, what is going wrong in today’s industrial environment? What stops or delays

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Scrum4HW™ – an introduction

by Peter Borsella & Hubert Smits – Big Orange Square LLC Scrum is best known as a superior framework for delivering software. It may appear Scrum is rarely used elsewhere, but

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A Waterfall In Dania Beach

This is a very exciting time for Big Orange Square! We’ve now got two training centers: one in Longmont, CO, and another in Fort Lauderdale, FL (technically it’s in Dania Beach,

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What Is Iterative Development?

What Is Iterative Development? Maybe you’ve heard of agile product development or scrum, but you aren’t clear on the details. Maybe you’re familiar with agile/scrum in relation to software development but

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Hands-On Learning

Hands-On Learning If you’ve recently decided to put together a team to develop a new product, you might be a little overwhelmed at all of the work that needs to be

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The Eclipse And Agile Principles

The Eclipse And Agile Principles​ This will be a quick blog, but it hits at an incredibly important principle that we all need to think about when we’re trying to make

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