Industrial Agile

Twice the Product in Half the Time™

Training Opportunities

Training is only a piece of the change needed for an organization to become agile. Without knowledge of the principles and practices of the Industrial Agile Framework™ implementation is bound to be flawed. Training is not just teaching, it is bringing that which has been taught into practice. This is what we do in our classes, and why we want the full product team in a class. We take time to train in 3-5 day classes to explain principles and practices, building a full size car with those principles and practices. Next we compare the framework to your existing practices, learning which existing practices fit within the Industrial Agile Framework™. At the end of the class the participants have more knowledge, more hands-on experience and more insight into implementation. And most of all: they have moved closer together as a team, ready for the challenges on the work floor. You find our class information on the events page .

A participant describing his experience of our class