Industrial Agile Framework™

Twice the Product in Half the Time™

Upcoming Events

We’re making our way around the United States helping companies implement the Industrial Agile Framework™ and showcasing our methodology at events. Stop by to see us at an exhibition or attend a speaking engagement. We look forward to seeing you.

ASQ Boulder chapter - talk about Industrial Agile

  • Where: Frasier Meadows Health Care, 350 Ponca Pl, Boulder, CO
  • When: March 28, 2019
  • Description: Hubert will present an introduction to the Industrial Agile Framework. 
  • ASQ Boulder – Meetup


Manufacturing & Technology Expo

  • Where: Pittsburg, PA
  • When: April 1-3, 2019
  • Description: We are an exhibitor at this event. 

Past Events

Webinar: Industrial Agile Framework

  • Where: Online
  • When: February 6, 2019
  • Description: Accelerating physical product delivery.

Big Orange Square Team Meeting

  • Where: Fort Lauderdale Training Center
  • When: February 4-7, 2019
  • Description: Big Orange Square Team meeting to map our future.

Collaboration in the Aerospace Industry

  • Where: Cape Canaveral, FL
  • When: March 11-12, 2019
  • Description: We will be exhibiting at this expo.

ASQ Space & Defense division