Industrial Agile

In-House Coaching

Invite our team to coach your team on agile product development, in-person.

Our in-house coaching takes your team from product idea through product development & manufacture to ‘out the door’. We’re with you throughout the whole process. 

At the leadership level we coach choosing the best product to be developed next, portfolio management, collecting metrics, showing where and how to be involved, removing obstacles, and speeding up delivery. A major coaching activity is to reduce the number of parallel deliveries, which is key to ‘Twice the Product in Half the Time™​’.

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We coach product, project and program managers to be obstacle removers, solution finders, decision makers and communication facilitators. The main role for this manager is to always have the most optimal job ready for the teams at any given moment. Requirements are clear and understood, estimates are made with the workers, budgets are available – all of these just in time. Communication structures like long term and short term planning & estimating, daily meetings, inter-team meetings, stakeholder management and supplier management are components of the facilitator role, and will all be implemented and coached.

The workers are coached in communicating and finding their voice and role in the team. Planning, estimating and handling reality vs. plans. Collaboration on all activities, solution finding as a team, the role of the expert and the novice, looking far outside each individuals skillset to be aware of effect of their action on the effectiveness of fellow team members. Learning to inspect results and find solutions for issues resulting from the inspections. Most of all: coaching is about team building – the team wins the Super Bowl, not the best player on the field.