Industrial Agile

What is the Industrial Agile Framework?

Three words build the core of what we at Big Orange Square implement in a client environment.

Industrial: Designing, building and maintaining physical products. We can look at cars, electronics, integrated circuits, boats or bicycles: all these products are physical, often complex to design and build, and the manufacturing process itself is a major undertaking to design, create and maintain.

Agile: The principles first designed for manufacturing (but never really implemented), but applied en-masse in the software environment for over 20 years. Core principles are: work in teams with all relevant participants, inspect early and often, and always focus on the product, not on the process or metrics. Look at the Charter for Agile Product Development for a definition.

Framework: Like creating your personal home out of the standard apartment you bought, so does our framework provide the infrastructure to live and work in, and you make it fit for your purpose. Within the framework you will be using your known lean, six-sigma and quality practices to maintain both the product and the manufacturing process in an agile way.

Watch Hubert & Peter describe the core concepts of the framework

How do we implement Industrial Agile Framework™?

Kinesthetic coaching is the heart of Big Orange Square, and kinesthetic training is embedded in our coaching. Kinesthetic or hands-on means that we are next to you as a leader, next to your project managers and next to the people on the floor. We learn about your product, your processes and merge those into our Industrial Agile Framework™. We take responsibility for the success of that work. Wether we help you in your leadership role to implement portfolio management and project steering, or build a project plan with your project manager, or implement daily meetings with a team: we are in it, leading until the people we coach can work on their own.

Training has a place in the implementation: but training does not equal success. Which is why we do not run classes throughout the country. We do run classes inside your organization: executive briefings for leadership, team training for the people on the floor, and we can certify team leads, product managers and project managers in their agile knowledge. Over the years we certified over 10,000 people, we know what it takes, and more importantly: we know what is needed to create success for you. Give us a call today and let’s get started.