Deep Dive Into Agile For Industry

Note: This article is only for historic purposes, the first Scrum4HW gathering took place in 2016.

This August in Boulder, Colorado: A Gathering of people who have an interest to teach, coach or drive a Scrum implementation in a hardware setting.

There are three offerings – register for one or register for all.

A Train the Trainer Class: taught by Peter Borsella, Lonnie Johnson-Weaver and Hubert Smits.

The Gathering: The first collection of people who are interested in Scrum implementations in a hardware setting. Joe Justice, Kevin Thompson, PhD and Tom Friend are our guest keynote speakers. There’ll be many more attending, teaching, meeting and discussing, including: Peter Borsella, Lonnie Weaver-Johnson and Hubert Smits.

Build Party: This is your chance to get hands-on experience with building a car!

Attendance is building. We hope you’ll join us for some of it or all of it!