Gathering 2016 Presentation By Joe Justice

Joe Justice, Team WIKISPEED founder, was a keynote speaker at the first Big Orange Square Gathering in Boulder, Colorado August 25 and August 26. Here is an overview of his topic, a link to his presentation and a bit more about Joe.

Joe Justice
President of Scrum@Hardware, Scrum, Inc. and Founder, Team WIKISPEED

Scrum: Disrupting the Automotive Industry

Old-thought manufacturing teams gather requirements, design the solution, build it, test it, then finally deliver it to market. Today, in some automotive companies, the design portion can take three to twelve years followed by a build cycle of five to fourteen years. This means it is possible to buy a brand new car which represents a team’s understanding of what the customer needs were twenty-four years ago!

Using the Scrum framework, Joe Justice founded Team WIKISPEED, enabling a completely different pace of development. This all Scrum volunteer-based, “green” automotive prototyping company, iterates an entire car every seven days. Learn how they use Scrum with Lean production methodologies to compresses the entire development cycle into a one-week “sprint.”

Career Highlights

  • TEDx speaker, and coach for agile hardware and manufacturing teams around the world
  • Founded Team WIKISPEED in 2006, and with the distributed, collaborative, volunteer team tied for 10thplace in the Progressive Insurance Automotive X Prize
  • Formalized eXtreme Manufacturing, a process adapting the fastest moving methods of leading software startups to non-software development, testing, and manufacturing
  • Has been featured in Forbes, CNN Money, Fast Company,the Discovery Channel, for his work reducing time to value in companies around the world.