Is Agile Only For Software? A Webinar With Hubert Smits (CST)

Thursday , August 11th
11:00 am PDT/ 2:00 pm EDT/ 6:00 pm GMT

Agile development has become a well-known and effective software development methodology. But can you take Agile, and apply it to other areas of your business, for example to hardware development?

To explore this, once again Belatrix is delighted to welcome Agile expert, Hubert Smits, to share his expertise and insights. In this upcoming webinar we will explore:

Introduction to the aspects of Scrum for hardware — Scrum, XP, Lean, Objects
Real-life examples of solutions to common problems — suppliers, tooling, review
Case study — results of Scrumming product development at John Deere
Implementation advice — first steps on the way to Scrum for hardware
Whether you are a CTO, Scrum Master, or other technology professional, this webinar will provide you with crucial information in your journey to expanding and using Scrum for hardware development.

You can follow the buildup and the live webinar on Twitter with the hashtag #AgileBSF

To Register or for more info go here.

We look forward to seeing you there!